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Volodya looked at his friend with a challenge, forgetting about the cards on his box:

- I bet mine is better ?!

- No problem! Serge lit up and squared his shoulders, ready to rush into battle. - Alechka, baby, you are our referee!

- And how much will you pay the arbiter of the beauty contest? I joked, trying to evade from participating in the competition of two drunk majors

“A hundred bucks is yours, bunny,” Volodya flashed his blue eyes.

Such a commercial offer radically changed my attitude to disputes and the internal rules of the casino. The money is good, especially on the weekends I managed to lower half of my salary. My Edik discovered in the morning that he had no cash, so I had to pay for the tequila, the taxi was also expensive - impudent drivers set dashing prices at the exits of the city's nightclubs.



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